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laris neza furniture
laris neza furniture
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Name:Ms. leni robinsonh.SE [Owner/Entrepreneur]
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Y!: furniture_klender@ymail.com Y!: furniture_klender@ymail.com
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Ms. leni robinsonh.SE at jakarta
Phone Number:Phone number of Ms. leni robinsonh.SE at jakarta
Address:jl. gusty ngurahrai no. 20 klender jakarta timur
jakarta 13470, Jakarta
good price for sales again
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Registration Date:May. 18, 2010
Last Updated:May. 28, 2011
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Furniture & Furnishings category

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Kami melayani juga pesenan furniture costum design baik bedroom set, living room, kitchen set etc,
dengan design yg sesuai pesanan dari costumers

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